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Be a winner by avoiding these top 10 pitfalls in grant writing.

  1. Poor fit – Your request does not align with the funding priorities of the grantor.
  2. Guidelines not adhered to – If the page limit is 20, submitting 21 pages is cause to be turned down from consideration for funding.
  3. Timing – If the deadline is March 1 at 3pm, make sure your application doesn’t arrive at 3:01pm.
  4. All requested information not provided – Make sure you include all necessary attachments and answer all questions.
  5. Duplication of service – If every city around you already has a mobile command center, your chances of getting one too are slim.
  6. Blanket proposals or fishing expeditions – Keep your request focused.
  7. Sustainability not shown – Grant money only lasts for a short period; make sure your project/program has the ability to continue beyond the life of the grant.
  8. Unrealistic expectations – Make sure your budget and time frame are both realistic. Better to scale down a project to make it fit the grant requirements than take on more than you can handle.
  9. Inaccurate, vague writing and poor presentation – Inaccuracies in your budget totals, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors may seem small, but they show your attention to detail.
  10. No donor recognition – Many donors, particularly corporate donors, will want to know how their contribution will be appreciated or recognized. Overlooking this is one of the most common and easy-to-avoid errors.

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